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Purge time! Due South goes, well, south...

Well, I've finally bitten the bullet and am doing some decluttering, which is long overdue and it seems like in next  year or two, we'll probably sell the house as the taxes are too high, the house too large. I know WHAT house I want, but it was in magazine, and I'd have to build it, and well, I sorta don't have a half million to do it ;)

So today, Due South goes bye-bye into the trash. Just the VHS tapes, as I have entire series on DVD now. Stargate already went, except one box of redundant Stargate Atlantis VHS, which I need to let go of, since I have the series on DVD. What I should do is when I see a good sale on Blu-Ray on SGA, get that. Of course, would help to have Blu-Ray player, and a TV that does not double as a boat anchor. Oh yes, and that gets me ranting... the major networks (CBS, etc.) are now saying, well, "screw you" to anyone without a modern rectangular tv. I get a nose off to the side, I can't even read the text on the news now as it's just half the word. Gah!! At least the local affiliates haven't gone that far... yet, but it's just a matter of time. What I want is the 60" 4K TV my brother up north has - it's GORGEOUS.


Alas, have found boxes of Due South related movies on VHS - stuff I taped off tv, movies with Paul Gross, David Marciano, Callum Keith Rennie, etc. Averse to chucking those just yet as I'm sure some are not on DVD and would prefer to see if anyone would buy them for nominal fee plus shipping. That's the trouble when you have space to store boxes, and VHS tapes were cheap, and the combination means... too many VHS tapes!!!
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