wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

What a week...

Good grief, I haven't posted since March??? Must have been the weary winter of freezing temps, shoveling snow, chiseling ice, well, fortunately, NOT so much of climbing up ladders with hot water to kill ice damns, er, dams.

And now it's Spring, er, Summer, no, Spring. Weather is having issues with what it wants to be. So now  I'm mowing lawns.

This week was fun. Picked up glasses, arm broke off. Gah. Took over an hour tonight to install the wretched Windows updates. What were they installing??? The hellish 3 hours wasted trying to get 3-day, no, Saturday, no, ANY tickets for New York Comic Con. I ended up with a Friday ticket. What a nightmare. The folks who run the con have absolutely no IQ when it comes to listening to the wailing masses telling them NOT to sell all tickets in one day (so they did) and then their servers crash and instead of posting ON THE WEBSITE, they only post to Twitter or Facebook, ignoring the fact that many people are at work on Wednesday afternoon and some are blocked form stupid social media stuff. They tell people not to click on the "buy tickets" thing on website, but to go another site entirely (which, by the way, keeps crashing). Totally inept. Hundreds of tickets on StubHub and eBay. This will be my last year going to that con, I fear. A root canal is less painful, really!

Fannishly, well, ABC cancelled Forever, which sucked (but at least it ended on an upbeat tone); Person of Interest got another season, but there are rumors of 13 episodes only. Otherwise, wow, not much on TV is of interest. I do like Scorpion, Big Bang Theory, The Flash, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, but none of them tickle my fannish funny bone. I love to watch, but that's about it. Sigh... And although NCIS ended abruptly,we all know Gibbs will survive, cuz NCIS can't survive without Mark Harmon.

Only a week till Mediawest*Con, and Amtrak's disaster has almost screwed that up for a friend who of course has tickets on that particular line that is now in pieces. She's got a backup plan via Greyhound to catch up to an Amtrak connection, while after last year's hideous Amtrak trip, I opted to fly, so Delta keeps changing times of my fliglhts. Aggravating, but I think they're done. I hope. I think. Maybe....

Boy, I miss when I actually looked forward to Friday night TV - Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis. Now it's, well, I can't recall what is on SyFy anymore. Helix was interesting, but it got axed. Oh well, I can look forward to Under the Dome (derivative, but entertaining) and The Zoo, in which animals turn on people, which might be entertaining. Please let some bankers get eaten.... :)
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