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And the TV season thus far...

Since there is no true 'season' left on TV, everything seems to start willy-nilly whenever it wants, on whatever platform it wants, which is probably why I forget to watch stuff, and gave up on Walking Dead because I missed two episodes because I hadn't realized it had started up again, so now OI'm several seasons behind. I figure I'll wait till the finale of the series and see who survives until the bitter end...

The Last Ship's second season began last week and was off to a good start. As long as it doesn't slide into any 'conspiracy' plotlines I'll be fine. Actors are great, nothing is over the top, and to show how much I haven't watched ABC in the last, er, um, decade? I had no idea Eric Dane had been "McSteamy" on Grey's Anatomy (although I did actually watch the episode, via video-on-demand) when they bumped off "McDreamy". Never tick off the executive producer, or head writer, or whoever.

Anyway, still annoyed that A&E jettisoned Longmire, but refuse to get sucked into Netflix right now, so I'll check the library and see if they've gotten Longmire season 3 on DVD yet. Then bingewatch :)

On the new stuff, I'm going to check out Mr. Robot. I saw a few minutes of it and it looks intriguing. As I liked the Matt Damon movie Proof, I've checked out the series and it's decent. I'm watching virtually all shows on video on demand these days (one day I'll replace the DVR - don't care to give Cablevision more money to RENT one of theirs).  Although it should have been a limited run series, The Dome is back so I'm checking it out. It's an hour of nonsense, and oh hey, the book Zoo is now a limited run series (yeah, we'll see about that) and I read they've changed some of what's in the book, so, alas, maybe more conspiracy crap, but I'll check it out to see how it turns out.

I have tried both Killjoys and Dark Matters on SyFy, and I always fall asleep watching it! HOwever, I'll have to check it out via video-on-demand (just better picture quality too) because David Hewlett guest stars in three episodes. Have to admit I need to check out more shows made in Vancouver to catch up with Stargate cast members. They pop up here and there. Wish that SGA were back or they'd make a movie, just as long as Mallozzi has zip to do with it. Dark Matters is too dark (literally) and reminds me of SGU. I swear the cast, costumes, etc. between the above two shows are interchangeable. Do they only have black leather for people to wear??

Realilty-wise, the snow has melted so now I mow lawns, and worse, hack back weeds, which grow so friggin' fast they must be from an alien planet. It's humid half the time, so painting parts of the house just can't get done. Sigh. It's a bumper crop of chipmunks and the lawn is riddled with holes. Only danagerous if you wear high heels ;)

Ah, saw some movies: 1) San Andreas. Total nonsense, where you just suspend belief and go "oh, it's just like a SyFy movie but with people w ho can act'. Limited number of cast, overdone SPX, sketchy cellphone coverage. Jurassic World was better. I rooted for the dinosaurs and alas, thanks to TV ads, many 'surprises' weren't, but the way the big nasty dinosaur was, so that was fun. And well, Chris Pratt was fun to watch, and if you just shrink raptors down to about 12-18", they'd make a good guard dinosaur around the yard. ;)
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