wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

and summer is over...

Well, okay, it's got two days left, or three, can't recall.

I actually got to a beach three times this summer - a record!! I'd love to do it every week but there are no free beaches here :( Sigh...

TV-wise, well, let's see. Nothing has caught me fannishly, like Stargate Atlantis. Virtually everything on SyFy is meh to me, although I do watch Z Nation due to its strange humor, but it's not a keeper, or must-see live TV. Waiting for NCIS to start up to see how Gibbs fares. I know he'll survive, of course, but it will be fun to watch his team angst all over the place. I like The Strain, Longmire (alas, it went to Netflix which I don't have so I hope it comes out on DVD), Person of Interest (probably it's last season), Oh, Elementary is fun to watch and I watch Hawaii Five-O occasionally and it never fails whenever I turn it on it's the same one. It's not the same since they blew up a nuclear weapon off the coast. I mean, that was 'jump the shark' big time...

Can't think of any of the new shows that scream 'watch me' but I suppose I'll check out a few. It's gotta catch me within two episodes or I'm gone. I'll check out the final CSI just for old time's sake.

Only caught poison ivy a few times this summer (yeah!) and didn't have to mow near as much due to the drought. Alas, there are some brown patches in lawn, which I came to realize are the result of the very cute but rather destructive bunny rabbits. Darn, they're so cute...

Will be going to New York Comic Con, despite all the hassle of getting tickets. Their servers suck (I think I whinged about this earlier) so the three-day ticket I had my hands on evaporated due to a crash and all I could get was a Friday. Then yesterday they announce they're selling  them at a comic store (only ONE store, in NYC, so all the other tri-state stores were left out in the cold). Lines formed at 3pm for a 10am opening. Despite hundreds if not a thousand fans showing up, they still have tickets left, which shows that NYCC apparently gave that comic store a ton of tickets that the rest of us poor souls were unable to buy online. Grrrrr.

And otherwise, wow, my life is boring. Can't think of much else but the job, house work (oh oh, I finally bit the bullet, got Johnson's Paste Wax, and it does about as good a job as Preen (discontinued for no good reason I could find) on the hardwood and tile floors, so I spent a few hours waxing today, and also waxed the car. Hopefully that's a portent of rain to come.

I need to downsize, so gotta figure out how to sell fannish collections, even if they're sellable.And VHS tapes, ha, I don't think anybody wants those anymore!

9/21 ADDITION: Oh yeah, I watch ZOO (okay), Under the Dome (about time it got axed, alas), Mr. Robot (which I find fascinating for the psychological stuff), and Whispers, which I liked, so I assume it got killed by ABC.
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