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And new TV season begins..

Well, the last TV season ended and the new one begins. Can't say Under the Dome getting the axe bothered me, as it got too weird for me and the ending just seemed too contrived. Sigh. Zoo wasn't too bad,although last season with about a hundred zoo animals? in a city street seemed, er, overdone, but it's fun summer fodder.

I've become lazy and am watching half the shows on video on demand. Anything after 10pm is usually relegated to that, except for The Strain, which I try to watch live to see what's going on. I am watching Fear the Walking Dead, and oddly, I'm waiting for the characters to be devoured as none of them appeal to me (the dog did, but well, very short-lived the poor critter was). Just curious as to how they'll segue this to Walking Dead, which I haven't watched in ages. Scorpion seems to have survived the transition to season two without too much radical change; can't say the same for Sleepy Hollow. Still enjoy the characters but for crying out loud, did they let a drunk Edward Scissorhands style the hair? Abbey's hair looks dreadful (yeah, I know, it's a style) and Ichabod's looks a little hacked. It's a lot more evident when the show's credits show the original hairstyles. It's shallow, but I have overwhelming desire to do something ;)

Quantico is interesting. Watching the first one and hey, there was Brian J. Smith from Stargate Universe, and he didn't last long, and it looks like Jake McLauglin from NBC's defunct Believe might be toast, but then they might have lied. Limitless seems fluffy, but I'm okay with that. I'll catch up when I can. Big Bang Theory is still amusing. NCIS is changing direction a little (OMG, GIbbs has a normal haircut!) and of course, it's against the Flash, which I'll be catching up on as it's against NCIS. Oh, Z Nation is bleeding characters (bye bye Mini Jack from SG1) but Murphy will no doubt survive and even though the character has done some very bad things, I love his snarky humor and voice. I keep missing Doctor Who so will catch up on that. And even though I gave up on CSI after William Petersen departed, I'll watch the two-hour finale eventually (did see last five minutes).

Due to football (blech), both Elementary and Person of Interest are delayed till, er, October and maybe 'mid-season' for POI...

Otherwise, nothing exciting. House work - waxing floors, painting, trying to declutter. Hoping the hurricane diverts and does not make landfall as the leaves are still on the trees - worst time to arrive. We do need rain but I'd prefer it not come with hideous damaging winds.

New York Comic Con is a week away and although tickets are sold out, the comic book store in NYC is still running contests to give away tickets. However, you've got to follow this and that, but unfortunatley, have to pick up tickets in city during the work week, which isn't happening with my work schedule and budget, so it'll be one day only, and I hope my goal of getting the Funko Godzilla toys is a success. They're my only real goal ;)

I really don't know how people find time to do twitter, facebook, instagram, live journal, etc., etc.Of course, if I had a newer PC, it might all go faster! ;)
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