wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I really need to post more often

Good grief, it's been months since I last posted. At least it hasn't been a year. Fannishly I'm still in limbo. No show screams "must watch!" like the old days, which sucks.

But what sucks more is repeating what happened three years ago. Well, three years, two months, when a car rear-ended me. And guess what? It happened again! ARGH! This time it was a Honda Pilot which drove into me, sqooshing the trunk and sorta scalping the bumper. Had it been a CRV I'd have a few hundred in damage. As it stands, it's shy of $6K in damage. I hate this stuff. I'm not at fault, other driver got ticket (and no doubt, increased car insurance) but in some respects, she got off better as the SUV showed nary a scratch, whlie my poor Civic....

And I keep getting hit by Hondas. If it has to happen again, hope it's a Fit and not the humongous Ridgeline. At least the car wasn't totalled cuz I can't afford a new one. 
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