wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Despite all the bad reviews...

My friend and I went to see Independence Day: Resurgence (aka I thought Brent Spiner's character died in the first film). Many reviews were, um, rather unkind, but since we saw the first, and Jeff Goldblum was in it, why not? Basically, take 50% Independence Day, mix with the CGI-overdone and who really cares about the chararacters 2012 and San Andreas, with a dash of White House Down (the one with Channing Tatum). I say that due to casting; Roland Emmerich likes to recast, so if he's doing Stargate movies, I expect to see the guy who swung the antique clock and gunned down aliens in IDR, in the Stargate flick. It was not a great, nor was it a horrible film. Could be my expectations are lower for all sequels but it had its moments; however, I really didn't care who died (except for the cute little dog).

Did see, via DVD, Zootopia, which was a scream. Fantastic animation, adorably cute animals. I had to suspend belief that the lead bunny character had over 200 siblings, and without predators, well, bunnies will overrun the planet in no time flat ;)  But quite well done.

TV-wise, nothing grabs me fannishly, which sucks. I watch Zoo, but sorta root for the animals with some characters as they can be so dumb. Hmm.... it's summer. Oh, Last Ship is back. I do enjoy that one and there has been some 'headcount attrition' (aka killing off characters). The show Thirteen, on BBC America, is one of the reasons I hold on to that channel. It's excellent! I now have to catch on BBCA's The Hunt as of course, it's shown opposite Last Ship. And, sniff, Person of Interest. They kiiled my favorite character! But in some way, it made sense as that character started off the show pretty much doomed. The only spoiler I'll give, to avoid anybody anxiety, is that the dog survived. Alas, this also means that the cast will not be at New York Comic Con, not that I was able to see them the last couple times due to their presense being on a day I could not get a ticket.

And this year, I managed to score a Saturday ticket! While the servers did not crash this year, NYCC's plan on pre-verifying fans was shot to hell as scalpers had up the prized 3-day tickets on eBay and Stubhub within minutes, while I spent over an hour waiting for my chance. Got Friday and Saturday, at a more expensive tab than a 3-day ticket, but since I may not go again, I figured, why not. You can't do the con in one day, so this gives my friend and I time to do dealer's room, other rooms, and see some panels, except for the celebrity-laden ones at the Hammerstein. If you go there, you blow an entire day just waiting. Their Facebook page was full of irate fans, of course and I suspect when the they get the ones back from the scalpers and resell, it will get uglier as once you buy tickets with your pre-determined link, that's it. Can't get anymore. So I can't trade two expensive 1-day tix for the cheaper 3-day tix. They'll get theri act together once I no longer care to attend.

Otherwise, life is boring. Job, house, real life stuff. I'm attempting to get together a fannish garage sale, but I have so much other stuff to get through house first and may have tag sale and get rid of things. When you've got half a century's worth of stuff in a house, it mounts up.
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