wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Survived the weekend

In last two weeks, did three library book sales. The first one is huge and everything is in alphabetical order, so was easy to find stuff. It was in a school gymnasium so A/C and auditorium and I did find some books but not a lot. The second one was held outside under tents as library doesn't have that much space. Found half a dozen books and a Tony Hillerman audiobook. Last one was a sidewalk sale at another library. Not a ton of books but found a cheap book on mac'n'cheese (I may never use but the pictures are yummy looking). The last two I cooked, aka sweltered as we're now in a heatwave. Heat isn't so bad but yech, the humdity.is awful. I'm sure it's a lot worse down south. I scored the compete Fawlty Towers DVD set, in perfect condition, for $4! Also found a Stargate Sg-1 book - "Do No Harm". Read it already, and well, although I love the series, the book didn't appeal to me, so goes back into my sale pile.

While I love library book sales, I'm tired of those dealers with their scanners. The second library sale (under tents) had staff repeatedly yelling at those people (because normal folk aren't grabbing and tossing). I'd love to ban them for 15 minutes; let the average folk come in, grab some books to leave. The science section looked like it got trashed by five year olds. That's where the high resale stuff is. They grab book, scan, toss. I got in there and managed to get a few books I wanted, but geez. I bumped into a couple later on who were grumbling about some guy bumping into them and not apologizing, and yup, it was one of those dealers. ON the plus side, nobody was hunting Pokemons ;)

Meanwhile, The Last Ship is back on and doing good. Most shows tend to get secondseasonitis and go downhill. Have found a guilty pleasure in CBS's Braindead, with alien creatures chewing up people's brains and taking them over. In Washington DC. If that were true, it would explain so much, but Washington, sigh, is such a mess. I can't stand the Presidential election news and tweets. Why can adults behave so badly and people still want to elect them? (I'm talking both parties).

And as much as I hate the heat and humidity, it's preferable to winter and cold temps and high heating bills and shoveling snow.
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