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And the state of TV is..

No new shows that scream "watch me". I'd say the closest, which I really hope to heck is a limited run x-amount of episodes, done, finished, etc. is "Channel Zero - Candle Cove". Sufficiently creepy, good actors and no whining teenagers. Alas, I'm tired of them, which is why I turned off "Aftermath" as I just don't have time to waste about angsty teen love or whatever. I do like "Timeless" but keep missing it or they pre-empt or I don't know what. I hope it gets renewed and gets a better time slot. I'm watching "Dirk Gently" but must admit, if not for the Corgi, I might not come back. The whole holistic assassin and nasty bloody knifings if a turnoff. If I want gore, I'd be watching "Walking Dead."

As for the presidential election, I opted to watch "The Exorcist" but fell asleep. Alas, when I woke up I went to turn off tv and then got smacked in face with news that THAT person won. Ugh. Sleepless night. I endured months of hideous, ugly, vile, lying campaign rhetoric, so I would sooner stick my finger in light socket than vote for a man who denigrates women, mocks the disabled, lies (easy enough to sort 'em out), etc. I don't know HOW the US ended with perhaps the two most reviled candidates in history, but we did. I've watched enough post-election news coverage (mostly foreign cuz I think CBS basically STINKS) to know that people voted for Trump for a change (although I am positive that a certain percentage voted for him because they're biased enough to never vote for a woman - hey, I have run across people who think that, sad to say). However, the automakers will never go back to the heyday of incredible salary and golden medical benefits.Nope, the union folk will have to realize no one will pay for it. Coal mining? Extremely debtable. It will happen if someone wants to risk to investment, and who will want to risk that kind of money for a short-term risky investment, when natural gas is so cheap? (and if Trump gets his way, he'll sell off federal land to be dug up, drilled into, and injected with wastewater). The environment is not going to do well under his regime. And I work in the finance industry and there were a lot of happy faces as they expect him to deregulate everything, so we can go back to 2008. Yeah, that worked out well for everyone. As for folks saying trump will be great because he's a businessman didn't look to the huge picture; a man who runs his own empire can do whatever the hell he wants, a president cannot. Businessmen are also the main reason for outsourcing. Perhaps the gov't enabled them with globalization, but buisnessmen will do whatever they want to make shareholders happy and make money, and that includes laying off employees/offshoring. For years (BEFORE globalization) I watched them hire high-priced contractors because they didn't have to pay them benefits/retirement.

Sigh, very disillusioned with the US right now and how trump's idea of protectionism/isolationist is going to harm us (and others) in the long run. It's like living in a neighborhood and telling your neighbors to go away and don't bother me, and no, I won't lend you a rake or help you clean up after a storm. Well, tit for tat, no one will help US if we get in a bind because why should they.  I feel like I'm now living in some warped dystopian bad tv movie. Blech.

On the plus side, Hallmark is showing lots of sugary Christmas movies, so I can escape reality there.
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