wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Candle Cove: Channel Zero & Star Wars

Did anybody else watch this SyFy series? I was very happy to see that this segment/series was actually limited run. They'll do another one Candle Cover: ______ I guess next year. This one was sufficiently creepy but not overdone in the horror/gore/ripping off limbs like Walking Dead department. Slow pacing, like the old days. Likeable cast, although I was sorry to see one character I like get stabbed to death by the murderous little children. Well done.

Still no show to get hooked on.

Meanwhile, wonder what I would have said eons ago had I known Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher had had an affair back in the Star Wars days. As Carrie Fisher pointed, it's so old that it doesn't matter. Aiee, does that make me feel old! ;)
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Kept hearing they hated each other so I'm kinda surprised.
I honestly can't remember much of the rumor mill from that far back ;) and now, I'm like, who cares? Like Carrie Fisher said, it's so old that no one will really get all in a tither over it.
Yeah, who cares. It was a long time ago.
I loved Channel Zero. Had no idea it was going to be a series ala American Horror Story.
ITA about the stabbity children. I liked that lady. At one point I was upset because they were harashing on the mentally ill guy, and was worried when they had him tied up to the chair. eek!
They got me near the end when we went a month later and no sign of Eddie/Mike. Worried me they weren't going to let us in on the secret. Then we saw mom make it to his body... Good ending. Poor mom, though.

Had no idea.
I'm hoping the next series of Channel Zero will be as interesting.
I watched Channel Zero. The unreliable narrator thing is not my favorite storytelling device, but overall I enjoyed it. Season 2 will be called Channel Zero: No End House. I just read the story it was based on earlier tonight.

My favorite shows right now seem to be nonfiction: Abandoned (Viceland), Homicide Hunter and Disappeared (both on Investigation Discovery), and Air Disasters (Smithsonian Channel).

My fannish squee seems to be reserved for books these days.
Wow, have not seen those other shows, but then haven't done a ton of channel surfing either. Gone are the great days of Stargates on Friday night. I've dabbled in some non-fiction tv like Tiny Houses (binged til I went, 'really?') then quit. Then TV news for politics. *shudder* Yeah, I've decided to tackle mountain of paperbacks I've bought at library book sales. Might as well read 'em! :)
I haven't heard of that show. I wonder if it's on Netflix.

There's not a lot to watch at the moment especially in the SYFY world. Stranger Things was excellent though. Still, it doesn't fulfill my sprawling Space-oriented void.
I like that, 'sprawling space-oriented void'. Fits it to a T. I'm sure Channel Zero (on SyFy) will eventually hit Netflix as I think everything does, right?