wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Good riddance, 2016

Have to say watching the news these days is awful. I won't get into the political stuff with the presidency, but four years can't pass too quickly for me!

However, first George Michael, then Carrie Fisher? ARGH!! I hate to say it, but when a rock star dies young, it sometimes is not too shocking but 53 is far too  young these days. I enjoyed his music and have to say that Freedom and Wake Me Up Before  You Go are my favorites songs that he did. But Carrie? Sigh. When they said she'd had a heart attack on a plane and it was 15 mintues of CPR to get a pulse, it did not bode well. And older women, women of my age (she was just a few weeks older than me!) do not do well with heart attacks. Symptoms are different and outcome, alas, worse. So damned sad. Again, too young. I was hoping to see old and crotchety and writing a tell-all-book about her unrequited love for R2D2 ;) And that photo of her dog, Gary, on twitter, staring out a window waiting for her to come home. Made me sniffle up something fierce. He'll be taken good care by her family, but Gary's lost his mom and constant companion. :(

RIP Carrie Fisher. You were definitely a bright and unique light in the universe.

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