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NBC yanks one of the best SGA sites out there!

Sigh, read it and weep :(



July 6, 2004 - February 28, 2007

Thank you for three wonderful years!

NBC Universal has forbidden us to release high quality photography for Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1, so we decided to close the site. This was also our only option.

Yes, the parent company of Skiffy (aka SciFi), NBC/Universal, has apparently decided that fans should not have access to high-resolution photos from Stargate Atlantis. It's bad enough the season 2 DVD set has been delayed and delayed, and that season 4 won't air until the Fall of '07, but now they're taking away a great resource - one that didn't ask for money, didn't stamp their name all over the photos in big bold letters like some fan site have a habit of doing, and well, heck, it's not like Skiffy puts up much in the way of promotion, or MGM, or NBC.

To quote Cartman from SOUTH PARK, who would cry in outrage: "Those bastards!"

Whine-rant mode off.

NOTE: THey didn't truly 'yank' the site per se, but in refusing to let anyone publish the images, it is for all intent and purposes, gone, yanked, poof. However, at least the CW doesn't seem to have a problem, as there are tons of SUPERNATURAL images on a branch off the main site.

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