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Stargate Atlantis Season 2 DVD set details

http://www.digitallyobsessed.com/showreview.php3?ID=9270 did a lovely big review of the Stargate Atlantis season 2 DVD set (US version). Here are some details, but click on link for full review.

Big review at the URL above, but here are the extra details. So glad to see Joe on some, but wish he'd done Epiphany ("oh yeah, the pepto bismal monster....") I still can't figure out Gary Jones doing commentaries on episodes he wasn't in, or did I just foget he was in them?

The Siege, Part III: Director Martin Wood, Writer Martin Gero, Joe Flanigan, and David Hewlett
The Intruder: Director Peter DeLuise and Actor Gary Jones
Runner: Martin Wood and David Hewlett
Duet: Peter DeLuise, Martin Gero, and David Hewlett
Condemned: Peter DeLuise and Gary Jones
Trinity: Martin Wood and Writer Damien Kindler
Conversion: Martin Gero, Joe Flanigan, and David Hewlett
Aurora: Martin Wood and Peter DeLuise
The Lost Boys: Martin Gero, Joe Flanigan, and David Hewlett
The Hive: Martin Wood
Epiphany: Director Neil Fearnley
Critical Mass: Director Andy Mikita, Rachel Luttrell, and Director of Photography Benton Spencer
Grace Under Pressure: Martin Wood, Martin Gero, Amanda Tapping, and David Hewlett
The Tower: Producer Paul Mullie and Andy Mikita
Long Goodbye: Andy Mikita, Torri Higginson, and Benton Spencer
Coup d'Etat: Martin Wood, Martin Gero, and David Hewlett
Michael: Martin Wood and Peter DeLuise
Inferno: Peter DeLuise and Gary Jones
Allies: Andy Mikita, Martin Gero, and David Hewlett

Mission Directive: The Siege, Part II featuring Director Martin Wood (10:46)
This featurette begins with some lengthy plot summary from Martin Wood that
is probably not necessary on a bonus feature. Following this segment, we do
receive some good information about visual effects and the light tone on the set.
Wood also discusses the changes to Lieutenant Ford and the need to introduce
jeopardy for the primary characters.

Mission Directive: The Intruder featuring Director Peter DeLuise (11:00)
Peter DeLuise also begins this piece with some plot summary, but it is
briefer than in the previous feature. He openly describes how it rips off SG-1's
episode Entity, and speaks with his typical enjoyable demeanor. The best element
involves the discussion of filming challenges, which covers the use of the
same sets to depict multiple areas.

Mission Directive: Instinct featuring Director Andy Mikita (15:09)
Andy Mikita's features are usually the most informative, straightforward
extras among the directors. These piece's comments praise the script, describe his
enjoyment of filming outdoors, and identify some old SG-1 items present in
the lab set. We also view some good behind-the-scenes footage with shots from
both inside the camera and out.

Introduction to a Character: Ronon Dex (15:06)
This worthwhile introduction avoids fluff and includes some great material
from Robert C. Cooper and Martin Wood about the reasons for creating Ronon.
Jason Momoa had never seen Stargate before or fired a gun, but he appears to be
very proud of the part. This featurette includes lots of clips, but they are
accompanied by interesting comments and do work for this type of profile.

Road to a Dream with Martin Gero (19:16)
This hilarious featurette attempts the tongue-in-cheek humor that often fails
on DVD features, and it actually succeeds. Set up like a documentary with an
off-screen interviewer, it chronicles Writer Martin Gero's supposed attempts
to become an actor, and the result is plenty of big laughs. He tests the
Scottish accent with Paul McGillion, rehearses a fun scene with David Hewlett, and
tries to one-up Rachel Luttrell with his "acting background." Gero's attempts
to sneak in front of the camera during an infirmary scene are classic.

Profile On: David Hewlett (20:51)
This lengthy profile covers the series' most entertaining actor, David
Hewlett, who plays the neurotic Dr. McKay. He was cast at the last minute to replace
a character who wasn't working, and I cannot imagine the show without him.
This feature also covers the difficulties of giving him so much exposition and
techno-babble during each week. This enjoyable profile concludes with a few
quick questions from fans.

Stargate Atlantis: Stunts (18:21)
This enjoyable feature focuses on Stunt Coordinator James "Bambam" Bamford,
who showcases tremendous enthusiasm for his craft. He usually choreographs the
fights within a very short time, and then films rehearsal tapes to assist the
directors during filming. We also see multiple shots of Paul McGillion jumping
on a mat to avoid a CGI Wraith dart and hear from Rachel Luttrell about
preparing for her complex stick fights.

Profile On: Paul McGillion (20:43)
This considerable profile introduces one big surprise that I had somehow
missed to this point—Paul McGillion doesn't speak with a Scottish accent. His does
have a Scottish background and was born there, but his English is fairly
standard. This feature spends a good deal of time covering McGillion's friendship w
ith David Hewlett, and their silly scenes in Duet receive significant
coverage. The two actors goof off during much of the later moments, which is fun but
could have been shortened.
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