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Blogs and websites of the Stargate cast

Decided to see what was out there, in blogs and official websites and whatnot, and compiled this list (posted to Spoilme). It's not all inclusive, of course.....

Joe Mallozzi - http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com/index.html
Martin Gero - http://www.myspace.com/martingero
Andy Mitika - http://www.andymikita.com/
David Winning - http://www.davidwinning.com/
Brad Wright - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Wright
Robert C Cooper - http://imdb.com/name/nm0178338/

Richard Dean Anderson - http://rdanderson.com/
Michael Shanks - http://www.michaelshanks-online.com/
Amanda Tapping - http://www.amandatapping.com/
Chris Judge - http://www.jaffakree.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/jaffakree/front.html
Don S Davis - http://www.donsdavisart.com/index.php
Teryl Rothery - http://www.terylrothery.com/
Corin Nemec - http://corinnemec.com/
Cliff Simon - http://www.cliffsimon.com/
Carmen  Argenziano - http://carmenargenziano.com/
Gary Jones - http://www.agalaxyofstars.net/garyjones/
Bill Dow - http://www.billdow.net/
Frieda Betrani (Lyra - Nox) - http://www.fridabetrani.com/
Jason Schombing (Dr. Rothman) - http://jasonschombing.com/
Jacqueline Samuda  (Niirti) - http://www.jacquelinesamuda.com/
Alex Zahara - http://www.alexzahara.com/ (official)  and
Dan Payne - http://www.dan-payne.com/

Joe Flanigan - http://www.joeflanigan.com/
David Hewlett - http://www.david-hewlett.co.uk/   and
   http://davidhewlett.blogspot.com/   and
   http://www.davidhewlett.com/  or http://dgeek.com/
Kate Hewlett - http://www.loft-in-translation.blogspot.com/
David Nykl - http://lettersfrompegasus.blogspot.com/ (his own blog)
Torri Higginson - http://torrihigginson.info/
Rachel Luttrell - http://gifted.strength-within.net/
Jason Momoa - http://www.jasonmomoa.com/  and 
Paul McGillion - http://www.paulmcgillion.com/
Mitch Pileggi - http://mitchpileggi.tripod.com/
Jewel Staite - http://jewel-staite.net/  and

I'm probably missing someone, but this is just a quick collection.

Tags: stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1
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