wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Season 4: spoiler link for "Travelers"

Solutions has obtained spoilers for the S4 episode, Travelers,  currently scheduled for episode 4 of the season:


Geez, all I'm doing is posting links, but then again I could ramble on about the 4 degree temps yesterday, coming out to find the car battery is dead, an ex-battery, pining for the Fjords dead type battery, which necessitated getting a new one, being late to work, and even worse, losing all the pre-set radio buttons and they've been set for like a decade now so I'm going, uh uh uh....

Anyway, click on link above, get spoiled. Looks promising for Shep whump fans, and it's written by Paul Mullie.
Tags: stargate atlantis
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