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Beckett fans will love this: Black Sheep the movie

Ohmygawd, this is soooooo funny - I spied this link on an LJ - http://angw.livejournal.com/14349.html for this:


THe trailer's hysterical - killer sheep! - and the narrator ominously intones "Get ready for the violence of the lambs." Ha! Bad pun but funny one. BLACK SHEEP. I mean, even if you're not into killer sheep flicks, the website alone is worth visiting for the macabre style in which they created it. I like running the mouse cursor over the cute little sheep, which then of course goes psycho ;)

I gotta try to get this movie on DVD, or hope it hits the indie circuit here in the States. I think it would make a great double bill with A DOG'S BREAKFAST........ :)

And on a side note, it's not so unrealistic: a farmer in India kept losing chickens. Thought some wild animal was eating them or someone was stealing them. Turns out a calf was eating them! A calf! They even saw it do the heinous deed. Here's one link to the real story - http://www.zeenews.com/znnew/articles.asp?aid=358746&ssid=68&sid=LIF

Meanwhile, been seeing ads for THE HOST, a Korean horror flick about a giant mutated rampaging tadpole or something that terrorizes and eats up people. Shades of the old B&W giant bug flicks! :) I reallywant to see this but in looking at where it's opened, it's limited release, so I suspect I'll have to wait till it hits DVD. I swear, anytime a flick like this comes along (i.e. TREMORS) it never comes to my theaters.
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