wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

New Episodic Images: RETURN part 2

GW has up 29 new episodes images from THE RETURN part 2, which will air on Skiffy (aka SciFi Channel) on Friday,  April 13th (wonder whose idea it was to bring it back on Friday the 13th??)

Anyway, you'll find 'em here:

They're definitely not as big as Emedian used to post (sigh sigh) but they'll do ;)  A few are a tad on the washed out side; sorta surprised that MGM/Skiffy/whoever would release 'em that way.

Oh, and there are shots from SG1 episode QUEST part 2, but.... no big rush. Virtually every shot (about a dozen) is of Merlin!
Tags: photos, stargate atlantis
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