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Stargate movies: details on the Arctic filming - with RDA?!

Ah hah, more has come out on the Stargate movies... Click on the cut below to find out how they ended shooting in the frozen north....
March 16, 2007
An icy world awaits the cast and crew of Stargate: Continuum -- a direct-to-DVD movie based on the sci-fi franchise that will shoot on location at a U.S. Navy research station in the Arctic beginning Friday.
The shoot, which will also include the USS Alexandria nuclear submarine, came together because of a Stargate fan at the remote Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station.
"The man in charge of APLIS happens to be a huge fan of the show and offered us the opportunity to visit the camp just for the experience of going very, very close to the North Pole," says writer/producer Brad Wright, speaking to Playback Daily. "When it came to that, I asked if we could shoot a scene or two there, and he agreed."
Continuum, produced by MGM Studios, will shoot in the Arctic March 23-29 with an 18-member crew, including veteran director Martin Wood (Stargate SG-1), DOP Peter F. Woeste and cast members Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson.
Wright will join the crew for a few days along with MGM exec Charles Cohen. He says they've all taken some Arctic training and did some research to prepare for the trip.
"I think it's the first time any production of any size has gone to do something of this scope, in terms of shooting on the arctic ice with a U.S. nuclear submarine," he says, adding that one scene will feature the sub bursting through the ice.
The Arctic shoot takes place well in advance of Continuum's original start date, which is set for May 22 at Vancouver's Bridge Studios.
"There was a very brief window for us to go to the Arctic with APLIS as they do their research. If you go later, the ice begins to melt and the Arctic is not safe," Wright explains.
There's more at the link above, including hopes that SciFi channel may air the movies as well.
This is the first article that seems to confirm that they have RDA for at least one of the movies.
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