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Bears, Mallozzi, the end of BSG? and the world ;)

Have you ever read a news story that just made you want to bash your head into the keyboard due the sheer insanity of the topic? (well, excluding anything on politics, which makes you want to do yourself in with the mouse cord)... anyway, I've been seeing photos of Knut, a little polar bear cub in Berlin, in the news now for weeks. Then I trip over this story at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6470509.stm - Berlin Zoo has vowed it will not kill a baby polar bear amid a heated row over whether it is right to hand-rear the cub, who was rejected by his mother. I'm like, huh what?? I read that article, a few others, and just shook my head. First, wild animals don't lose their instincts. Sorry, doesn't matter if a human raises them or not, they're still a wild animal. I seriously doubt the zoo will turn the polar bear cub into a couch potato... heck, I've got this cute little cat here, but boy, put a chipmunk in front of him and it gets gory real fast. But anyway, I think the whole proposition is insane. Baby wild animals are saved all the time by animal rescue people. We're stewards of the planet earth and should help the animals, not destroy them due to some bizarre ideology. Sheesh.

Anyway, speaking of insanity, I visited Joe Mallozzi's blog (http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com/), and well, read the rest under the cut.

I saw this quote from a business book about bad bosses the other day and it's so appropriate for the behavior now occuring in the comments section.

To me, the main sign of someone who's a certified jerk is someone who leaves a trail of people feeling demeaned and de-energized. It tends to be more often associated with power dynamics — they kiss-up to those above them and kick down those beneath them. About a third of the time, bullying is peer on peer.”

I can only suspect that Joe Mallozzi must be one bored boy to push through all these catty, insulting and definitely biased squabbling fan posts about ship, Shep and whatever else. I feel like screaming 'grow up, people!' but figure, why bother, as this same insanity occurs in various shapes at the GW forum too. Wish people would just ask questions (gads, even about sushi) instead of going "you're a nutter". 

Meanwhile, on more sane ground, noticed in the press that Battlestar Galactica (which I tried but could not get into) may have a limited number of days left. New York Post - http://www.nypost.com/seven/03202007/tv/galactica_prepares_for_end_tv_don_kaplan.htm - reports that season four might be it.

And Katie Sackhoff (the late Starbuck) has signed onto the BIONIC WOMAN pilot as an 'evil bionic woman' who may be a guest star if the show goes to air. 

And, in another sign of the impending apolcalypse, CW's pretty much skanky (I rarely use that word, but it applies here, sorry) Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll ratings are going up. Scary, ain't it?
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