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Cute and Ugly Overload and wretched SciFi movies

And yes, the movie is THAT bad. I'm watching REIGN OF THE GARGOYLES, which just by the title, screams BAD movie. Gargoyles in itself is fine, but Reign tend sto scream another crappy sci-fi Nazi movie. Sigh. Now, the original GARGOYLES with Cornell Wilde (CBS movie, 1974 with Cornell Wilde and Scott Glenn made before CGI was even invented and filmed in New Mexico- gorgeous). THAT was a great horror flick. This Nazi scifi gargoyles flick seems to be on par with the Corin Nemec Golem or whatever Nazi horror flick SciFi showed last year, which was a horrid ripoff of the Dirty Dozen.

So, I'm just tooling around Blogger - now they've gone with Google and new blogs get peppered with ads. Argh!!!

Anyway... searched for jellyfish and found this site - Dark Roasted Blend - which has an incredible collection of photos on different themes.

Jellyfish (one of my favorite animals)



Animals (all sorts - there goes the night!)


Big Fish Extravaganza


Wow, look at the size of those things!!

Really bad wiring jobs - why you shouldn't go into IT


Wonders of the Chinese landscape - gorgeous!



And this led me to http://www.babyanimalz.com/index.php - which is an overload of cute baby animal photos. Man, I'm never getting my taxes done tonight, that's for sure.

 Now, there are two links you can choose - http://www.cuteoverload.com/ or http://uglyoverload.blogspot.com/ - I have a fondness for aye-ayes as they're so weird, but you HAVE to see the wet cat shot. Oh, poor thing! and the penguin - talk about a bad hair day! So you can balance out the cute and the 'ohmygod, what is that?!' shots ;)

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