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NYC papers promote Stargate ... Beau Bridges tells amusing anecdote about filming

Gotta say this about the New York City newspapers, they know quality ;) The NY Post published a neat spoiler picture from the season 3 premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Spoiler piccie can be seen here:

Meanwhile the NY Daily News had a nice snippet on Beau Bridges. It's not available online, but I'll put the text here as it's minimal:

Beau Bridges says he has been a friendly acquaintance of Richard Dean Anderson's for years, so he was glad to finally have a chance to work with him when Anderson returned to Stargate SG-1 to film the 200th episode of the popular SciFi Channel series, which begins its 10th season Friday. Fans may be saying, "Wait a second, Bridges and Anderson have already been seen together, as Maj. Gens Hank Landry and Jack O'Neill, respsectively." "Actually, the first time we worked together on Stargate, we were in a scene together, but we weren't there the same day," Bridges says. "They weren't able to make our schedules work out, so he had to do his side of the scene with a stand-in, and then I came in and vice versa." Bridges says he and his son, Jordan ("Convictions"), would love to work together, and they also would like to find something to do, acting-wise, with Beau' s brother Jeff. "We're always looking for the right opportunity."
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