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Save Carson Beckett, and miscellaneous sundry stuff (jellies, knut, etc.)

Saw the SCB people on the TODAY SHOW this morning (when did this show go to 3 hours?) Anyway, at the 28 minute and 58 minute marks, when Matt Lauer was outside with the crowds, caught glimpses of at least two people there holding up a blue adn white Scottish flag, plus saw part of the banner for "Save Carson" - Beckett never made it on the air, at least not that I caught.

Meanwhile, the press had two more articles:




Yes, the jellyfish ARE watching you!  http://www.livescience.com/animalworld/070330_jellyfish_eyes.html says “jellyfish have human-like eyes.” A set of special eyes, similar to our own, keeps venomous box jellyfish from bumping into obstacles as they swim across the ocean floor, a new study finds. Unlike normal jellyfish, which drift in the ocean current, box jellyfish are active swimmers that can rapidly make 180-degree turns and deftly dart between objects. Scientists suspect that box jellyfish are such agile because one set of their 24 eyes detects objects that get in their way.


No, I’m not a fan of this activity, and with global warming, think it should be disbanded entirely. The

http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21495565-30417,00.html site said the annual seal ‘hunt’ (which isn’t much of a hunt if you can walk right up to the prey and kill them)  has been knocked down to two boats because melting Artic ice contributed to many baby seals drowning.

Meanwhile, the cute German polar bear cub Knut has helped push the stock for the Berlin Zoo.


And it’s not against the law to be drunk and drive a Zamboni, at least in New Jersey.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070403/ap_on_fe_st/zamboni_dwi;_ylt=Ag4XzrDU6itK0.53lOsrye_tiBIF said that since it’s not a motor vehicle, sure, hey, why not drive a four-ton machine around while under the influence.


Some scientists fear that Ug99, a virulent strain of black stem rust fungus, could wipe out wheat. More at http://environment.newscientist.com/channel/earth/mg19425983.700


In the what were thinking department (wait, smugglers don’t think!), a Croatian man was  arrested for trying to smuggle 175 chameleons from Thailand. He told border guards he choose the lizards because they would be harder to see. Customs officers said they saw the top of a bag the smuggler was carrying appeared to be moving. When they asked him to open up his luggage they found the endangered reptiles, reportedly worth £60,000 on the black market. He paid just £100 for them in a Thai market. Radovic said: "The man who sold them said they changed colour to make themselves invisible against any background, but it did not work." Vets who were called to treat the reptiles said they were dehydrated and distressed from the flight, and as a result had lost their ability to change colour.

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