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Promotional videos for season 3 SGA

Well, the official promotional site for SGA is no real great shakes, but, well, it has a few (repeat, few) purty pictures. Go to the characters and it pulls up what is sorta like wallpaper, and you CAN save them to your computer. I instantly saved them in case somebody changes their mind and goes, oh, no, fans should not have these ;)

Here's a sample of the Shep one

Meanwhile, if you go to their main page - http://www.stargateatlantis.com/Default.aspx?home=1 - you'll find half a dozen 30 second promos for season 3 (back half)

> Stargate Atlantis - promo ad for season 3
> Superfan-Joe
> Mission - another promo
> Superfan-Jason
> SGA RJA - promotion for contest
> Superfan-David

In the superfan segments, two idiots ;) try to get through the gate, with bad results, while the actors (Joe F, Jason M, David H) all say "Might be easier to just watch the show). So, they're worth watching to see the actors. The other promos are similar to what you see on TV ads. In fact, they could be TV ads, but I can't spend 24/7 watching SciFi in hopes of catching them ;)
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