wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

SciFi channel: do they even watch their own shows?

Well, taped the SGA marathon today, hoping for some real gems of ads. Found just three --- one about team loyalty,w hich featured snippets/quotes from "Phantoms" (I think we've all see the "You shot me!" ads), another one (featuring clips from  "Tao of Rodney," had McKay talking about superpowers, the third one, which had McKay and Ronon walking along, was about, er, trying to find it again, but what stood out is that SciFi channel spelled Ronon's name wrong. It's not Ronin, it's Ronon. Hello? How much they pay someone to make that ad? I'd demand a refund, or fire the copywriter. Sheesh. Next thing you know they'll be spelling O'Neill wilth one "L" on SG1 ads.

Just thought I'd snark about it. Maybe SciFi will read this. Bwahahahah! I suppose we should be happy they didn't put the wrong name to the wrong character.
Tags: scifi, stargate atlantis
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