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SGA action figure photos

Although I'm a Shep fan first, I really wanted a McKay doll too...


Here is a lool at the first series of Diamond Select Toys' Stargate Atlantis figures. Included in this wave are Colonel Sheppard, Black Ops Weir (Chase Figure), Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Male Wraith. There is also a Previews Exclusive Blacks Ops Sheppard figure. Each figure comes with a piece of the figure-sized Atlantis-style Stargate! Look for these to be released in August 2007.
 Has two pictures - Shep and two Weirs and a Wraith and a larger Black Ops Shep

So, click on link above for the action figures. They'e even got Shep's smirk down pat ;) Go the site above for the larger image of the shot below.

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