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SGA/SG1 characters now on US Postage Stamps

Yup, Creation Con has glommed on to another market. They've converted Stargate into U.S. postage stamps (real ones - you can actually do this at some websites and put pictures of your pets, etc. on a stamp).

Anyway, link is http://www.creationent.com/sg1/index2.htm

$12.95 for one set of

SGA cast
SG1 cast (10th season)
Sam Carter
Daniel Jackson

These are real 41 cent stamps you can use.... 10 stamps per page (which comes out to $1.29 per stamp, not including, uh, postage) Or you can go to the post office in late May and get the STAR WARS stamps at 41 cents each, no postage ;)

I sorta wondered who thought up the stamps. I mean, lost opportunities. Okay, ten stamps. This is what I would have done:

SGA: Sheppard, McKay, Weir, Teyla, Ronon, Ford, Caldwell, Wraith, Zelenka, Lorne

SG1: Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Hammond, Mitchell, Vala, Jonas, Landry, Thor

As for the one character per stamp set... just Carter and Daniel (not that I'm griping about Daniel), but what equal opportunity time for Sheppard? or McKay? Do the folks who did this realize how many fans want to lick those characters? Ahem, cough cough.

What would you have chosen?


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