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TSA, drivers, stupid people and cool critters

Oh yeah, when I was going through the Lansing airport after departing MediaWest*Con, the TSA official lady looked at my T-shirt (which said "I was abducted by aliens who laserphotographed my organs and dropped in a crop circle and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" or words to that effect) and just laughed, saying that's what she felt like on the job.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem with going to the con is coming home to realize that the people in the area are some of hte worst drivers ever. Rude, aggressive, and the more expensive or bigger the car, the bigger the idiots. I think a requirement to owning an Audi is to go through red lights and go 20mph over the limit, while many SUV drivers just ignore red lights and squeeze in because they have big vehicles. Sigh. Trouble is even if gas hits a horrid $4/5 a gallon, the wealthy people will still drive these vanity vehicles.

and speaking of stupid people.... hard not to spot them in the news. The architect who's working on the new embassy in Baghdad put up the blueprints/drawings on the web, where *anybody* can see 'em. Why not just 'plant bomb here?' for the bad guys? Aieeee.... and of course, you can't turn on the news without hearing about "TB Andy" (dubbed that by several papers), the 'well-educated, intelligent' lawyer who has no common sense (well, in my opinion he has none). He can say what he wants about going off on the trip, but when he found out the severity of hte situation when he was overseas, he chose to potentially endanger other passengers. He was being selfish and well, downright iresponsible. He's admitted sneaking across the border (and aiee, that border guard? let him through cuz he didn't LOOK sick??? aieee!!!). Now there are upwards toward 100 people who will probably have to undergo tests for weeks if not months. While what he didn't wasn't criminal, it wouldn't surprise me if someone decides to sue him for medical costs and emotional distress. Ah, just had to whine and vent about the situation. Whatever happened to common sense? 

Worst thing about this TB thing is it points out the horrid flaws in security, and pushes the problems of Iraq and the ecomy off some front page news.

But, found this fantastic picture of a tiger swimming underwater!

I mean it sooo cool, unless of course, you're in the pool at the zoo with him....
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