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SGA "Sunday" mini review/sorta rant

Ah, I'll stick it all beneath a spoiler cut...

He's dead, Jim!

Argh, I've seen this episode twice already, and it STILL sucks that Carson bit the big one because of an 'exploding space tumor'.  (and can anybody really explain if that's even remotely possible? - I don't think a human body can be that explosive). I'm not sure WHAT the producers/et al wanted to shake up, except the fans, who have been pissed about this for months.

The off-duty day stuff was fun to watch... we see that Teyla and Elizabeth hang together, Ronon hangs with John (who was once married?!) and McKay is finally developing (slowly) enough social skills to date a woman. ;)

Ah, sigh. I did like episode quite a bit - particularly that gawdawful humiliating game Ronon must have concocted just to beat up Sheppard ;) Poor Weir trying not to date someone under her command (the actor reminded me suspiciously of Noah Wylie from "E.R." so what was she doing not dating the guy?? <G>) And... in that wonderful gym scene where Shep got laid out flat, I could have sworn I saw grass stains on the bottom of his sneakers....

The funeral scene was good - I know some folks had problems with the eulegy but I've come to, er, um, cough cough, not expect fantastic writing on the 'gate shows, but just the expressions of Shep, McKay, etc. Aw....................

I always saw the end sequence with McKay and Beckett as a dream sequence as well, Carson's toast (sorry for the bad pun) in which McKay is dealing with the whole horrid mess subconsciously...

You know, being a doctor in the Stargate universe is downright fatal. First Janet on SG1, now Beckett. Ouch!

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