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Decided it's time to change the format of the LJ, but will eventually figure out how to add in a neat shot of Sheppard or McKay or something Atlantis-ey... ;) So decided this current purple 'tiki' was as close to Tahiti as I could get, although might move back to 'raven' as that's dark and cool too.

Meanwhile, waiting (tapping feet impatiently ;) ) for the conclusion of As I Lay Dying by T'Pring, a great Shep whump fic. If you haven't seen it, and don't mind a work in progress, check it out.

Trying to figure out how to insert/use SGA mood themes I plucked from, uh, er, I really need to write this stuff down, or write it down somewhere I won't lose it... plus gotta remember to renew the paid sub to the LJ (after the vet, after stupid auto emissions, and all those wonderful bills I can't avoid).

And "Submersion" is tomorrow's SGA episode. Have already seen it via, um, alternate means from Canada (thanks to unnamed third party) and can't wait to see it on the pseudo-big screen, well, the TV. Gee, just three season 3 SGA episodes left, then a dearth of episodes (and I'm sure it will include repeats the way Skiffy treats the show) until the Fall, which means sometime between September and December.  Hopefully sooner than later!
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