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SGA Season 4 tidbits/spoilerish screencaps

I transcribed the following stuff below the cut from http://stargate.mgm.com/video.php?id=62 video (which is about five minutes) Feel free to link to this LJ post but please don’t copy it elsewhere. Thanks!

Season 4 interview with Joe Mallozzi & Paul Mullie (with a few spoilerish clips from season 4). I’ve stuck some spoilerish stuff in smaller type in case you want to sorta avoid…




Mullie: I think the show hadn’t completely sort of gelled yet as of the end of season 3. We just wanted to focus a little more on the characters. We felt like in season 4 it’s time for the characters to really come into their own.


Mallozzi: … let’s look at what we did in the past, what worked, what didn’t work. If possible, I wouldn’t say rectify mistakes but obviously there were some elements that we … didn’t have time to concentrate on.


Mullie: …felt like we had to do a fair amount of character-driven stories.


Mallozzi: For the first half of the season, every character pretty much has their focus episodes – we’ve got one for Keller, we’ve got one for Teyla, we’ve got one for Ronon, for Sheppard, for McKay, even for Carter, who joins the show. More than any other year, I think I’m really, really happy with the overall bunch of stories that we have.




Mallozzi: Jewel [Staite] is the first new addition to the cast that we brought in late last year. Her character is very likeable, I think very charming. I’m not saying fans are going to forget Beckett but I think they’re really going to like the Jennifer Keller character.


[shows clip of Keller in lab and off-world by a tree, where somebody impales a big throwing star into it. Another clip of her on a rope bridge]


Mullie: We’re very excited to have her on the show. She’s been great. Very talented actress and she’s been on show before, where she was covered in Wraith makeup, which seemed like a shame at the time but in a way it was good because we knew we could bring her back as a human that no one would recognize her and say ‘oh, she’s been on the show before’ and we would bring a whole new character.


Mallozzi: One of the nice things the Carter character gives us is she’s so multifaceted. She doesn’t have to be stuck behind a desk even though she’s the leader of Atlantis. She has a military background so she can go out on ops and on the other hand, she’s got the science background so when McKay and Zelenka are sort of trading gobbledygook, she can get right in there with them.


[Clip of Carter, closeup, hair pulled back, talking, and also McKay – having conversation?]




Mullie: We start usually February or March so we started breakings stories for season 4 probably in October or November [of 2006]. That’s kind of when we knew there was going to be a season 4. At that point we did make a conscious effort to focus a little bit more on Teyla, on Ronon. We knew that Amanda was coming in so we knew we would have to deal with her… we had a deliberate plan to do some specific episodes with those characters.


[clip of Teyla, looking rather forlorn, going to Sheppard and hugging him, and he hugs her back. This is more of a  dramatic scene than anything romantic]


Mallozzi: We’ve got a bunch of team episodes which are really cool, and also in terms of this year, I think this year more than any other years has a bunch of not only character revelations but revelations regarding relationships and things like that, but also also in terms of big story arcs. We finally get a chance to explore a bit the inner workings of the Wraith. We find out a little bit more about the replicators. We shift things in I’d say a surprising direction. Again, I don’t want to give too much away but I mean I think this season will be full of surprises.


We created a race called the Travelers. One of the nice things about SG1 for instance is that … and encounter a technologically advanced people as well as sort of low-tech people, but the problem with Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy is that whenever a race would get largely advanced, the Wraith would come in and them out, so there was never an opportunity for a race to reach that level. So we decided that yes there is a way, we’ll just put them in ships, so they’re an armada of ships that basically go from planet to planet, and they come down and scavenge the leftovers of societies that have been culled by the Wraith. I guess they’re kind of a loose cannon, kind of roguish and untrustworthy in some ways but also potential allies in another way and generally the type of characters that I personally like. Not black and white but kind of gray.


[clip of Sheppard, being pushed along inside spaceship of Travelers. He’s their prisoner. Next shot, he’s tied to chair and lady leader comes in – that’s Larin. Next shot, Sheppard and Larin kiss, but she’s also got a gun on him so may have no choice in the matter]]





Mallozzi: Just the fact that we would be producing 20 episodes instead of the usual 40 was such a load off our mind that having the time is such a luxury. I mean you down on set this season, I find the atmosphere, the attitude, a lot more relaxed and laid back.


Mullie: I think things are going very well. Joe and I are really excited about how the show is looking. We’ve doing a slightly different look to the show this year, we have a different post production process which has changed things up a bit, we’ve changed the costumes a bit.


Mallozzi: The actors are having fun. We’ve implemented read-throughs so if they have any questions about the script we got over them early. I mean, so far so good.




Mullie: The irony is that we’re working very hard to produce what we think is a very good seaon, season 4, but our fate – whether or not there’s a season 5 – is being decided by the back half of season 3 which we can’t do anything about.


Mallozzi: Actually Paul brings up a good point, and what I might suggest is if every fan out there. Let’s say we have a million fans. If you guys can get 5,000 of your friends to tune in to watch the show, we’ll definitely have a season 5. Five or ten thousand, just average it out.





Here is a photo collage of season 4 spoilerish type shots… scenes of Teyla and Sheppard hugging from, um, don’t know. Sheppard and the alien babe, er, Larin, from “Travelers.” Shot of Keller from, er, don’t know.


UPDATE: More caps at http://x-erikah-x.livejournal.com/6517.html#cutid1 !


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