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And more brain cells die....

Yes, I'm actually sitting here watching what will no doubt be a gawdawful movie - ICE SPIDERS - on SciFi. When you're ten minutes into hte film and someone says "it's gnarly", you know you're not watching Emmy material. Plus these scifi flicks usually star people who once were stars, sort of, on TV (well, fortunately, Stephen Baldwin isn't in this one).  The hero is an ex-skier down on his luck now teaching skiing (typical hard luck scifi tale). None of the teenagers can speak without saying gnarly, shred or other skiing lingo. They'll all die horribly. Okay, half of them will.

Filmed in Europe no doubt (film those ski movies before there are no snowy mountains left due to global warming!) so that's the only plus to the flick. Meanwhile, giant CGI spiders are roaming the ski resort picking off people. You know, it's 15 minutes into the film and that B&W flick with teenagers waking up the petrified spider found in the local cave with evil rock 'n' roll music is looking pretty good right now. Biggest problem with these flicks is you don't care who dies. If it wasn't for the location scenary, lack of alternate programming, laziness, I'd change the channel. Okay, the remote is ten inches away. Some stupid skier just crashed in a pile of screaming glory so I'm waiting for the spider to suck him dry. I'm soooo bad.

Big mistake of the day: cracking open the dark chocolate cranberry bar, which I suddenly discovered is not the Bog Berry nuts-cranberries in dark chocolate bar, but a bar filled with cranberry filling. I can't nurse this for a week. I must consume it all this weekend or else it will just ooze and leak cranberry filling. Ah, the sacrifices one must make.

In the good and bad of TV: watched a very good C-SPAN Q&A with the CDC about the TB guy. CDC doc lady was sharp - government guy questioning her wasn't. And then there's the Paris Hilton bruhaha. Aieee....

Have accumulated all my not-yet-finished Stargate Atlantis fanfiction and I have, um, er, over a dozen stories in progress not yet finished. I really should. Really.

Just two more weeks and the gates are toast for a while (I suspect Skiffy will be stupid and not repeat any SGA episodes while we get constant repeats of SG1, which isn't bad, but I think I"ve seen 'em all three dozen times over). But, new DR WHOs, new EUREKAs, and USA is bringing back 4400, which I rather like.

Did Paul McGilian's LOCH NESS ever air on Skiffy? Was it so bad I missed it?? And David Nykl should be done filming Beast from Bottomless Lake or something like that -check his blog (I've got him on links). Sounds pretty bad, but he's the star! He won't torn in half like in his last Skiffy flick.
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