wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

SGA season 4 publicity (no spoilers)

Perused David Hewlett's Twitter page (really not sure what these things are as it seems like stream of consciousness postings people make). Anyway, he said ... "@ZoniDuck photos and press for Atlantis, but talked tons about A Dog's Breakfast, Starcrossed and even Dead by Design!" Not sure what Dead by Design is, but it's very promising that Skiffy is now doing promotion for the show! Let's hope it's not too late since Mallozzi was semi-begging fans to watch the last three season 3 SGA episodes 'live' ... as opposed to dead?, oh wait, TiVoed, etc.;) Only really works is you've got a Nielsen box. I mean, who wouldn't watch it live, if for no other reason than to make sure you got it taped properly as well, at least my cable company regularly screws up episodes. And he also said "Woohoo! 3 photo sessions, 4 on-camera interviews and sit down chats with about 15 international reporters...and I'm just back from my run!"

So, let's hope that when SGA hits the airwaves in Fall, we gets lots of neat photos.
Tags: david hewlett, stargate atlantis
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