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Was it time to end Stargate SG-1??

TV Guide - the June 18th issue - has a two page spoiler-ridden spread on the finale, plus the plot for "Ark of Truth."

Click on cut only if you want to know.... 

* Four pictures, two from "Unending", one off-set, and one from "Ark of Truth" - the one shot on the left is worth the price of the magazine.

* ER's Goran Visnjic visited the set and told tv guide he was "thrilled" to be photographed in front of the gate. [Darn! Jeers to TV Guide for not posting that photo - only wish Goran would do SGA!)

* Vala and Daniel become lovers - no, it's not Sam and Jack, it's Vala and Daniel. Sam and Jack will probably never happen, not if she's in another galaxy... [actually, I had no problem with Daniel and Vala as they make more sense than Jack and Sam - I mean, it's been a decade and it's still 'sir.' Ain't gonna happen...)

* Ark of Truth - "focuses on the Ori's threat to Earth and a device that may deprogram its soldiers."

* "Continuum," coming next spring, will feature an alternate-timeline story in which O'Neill, Carter and Mitchell find themselves in the 1939 Arctic battling Nazis - and an old alien enmy - over the newly discovered gate. 

I may be the only one who cringed when I read that, but Enterprise already did the Nazi plot thing, as has half a dozen really bad movies on SciFi. What is this obsession with Nazis in scifi flicks lately? Sorry, it's just so friggin' cringeworthy....

And after watching last week's "Family Ties," yes, I think it's time to retire the show... sorry to say...
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