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Season 4 casting and the future of SGA

Skiffy dumped a few press releases today, so I'll post 'em here. They contain spoilers for season 4 of Atlantis, so if you're not into spoilers, don't look.


June 11th

Firefly's Staite Joins Atlantis

Producers of SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate Atlantis told SCI FI
Wire that the upcoming fourth season will add former Firefly cast member Jewel
Staite to the cast as a new doctor. Staite, who also appeared in the Firefly
feature film, Serenity, as well as the short-lived fantasy series Wonderfalls,
will play Dr. Jennifer Keller. She joins Stargate SG-1 cast member Amanda
Tapping, who also joins Atlantis' cast, reprising her role of Col. Samantha

Staite is "fabulous," executive producer Robert C. Cooper said in an
interview on the show's Vancouver, Canada, set over the weekend. Other cast members
hinted that Keller may develop a romantic relationship with one of the other
characters and will become friends with Carter. 

As for Carter's joining the Atlantis team, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi
said the transition won't go smoothly. For one thing, Carter and Rodney McKay
(David Hewlett) have a history, as fans of SG-1 know well. "There will be a
little friction off the get-go," Mallozzi said. "But they're both adults [about
it]." McKay's unrequited lust for Carter will be addressed, Mallozzi
promised. "That gets touched on very early on."

"The difference between Carter and [Dr.] Weir [Torri Higginson] is that
Carter is in the military," Cooper added. "In fact, when she joins them she's a
full-bird colonel, and she's a superior to [Lt. Col. John] Sheppard [played by
Joe Flanigan], so there's really not much he can say or do; she's his superior

As for the season's storylines? "In terms of the stories, because we're not
doing 40 episodes a week—we're doing 20 episodes—we can concentrate more on
the individual characters," Mallozzi said. "Each of the characters will have a
story in the front half. We'll be developing a lot more of the overall arcs.
We'll be exploring a bit more of the Replicators and what makes them tick, we'll
be finding out a little bit more about the Wraith as well. That should be
interesting." —Melissa J. Perenson  


Just going to get the snarking/ranting out before "Creature Comforts" airs...

Well, the fact they might "ship" Keller with one of the other characters is rather scary.... does that mean she's being brought on to be the love interest, or the doctor? I really don't want to see her going "on my god, darling!" if her beloved is brought in with an injury. Heck, I'd watch Desperate Housewives if I want that sort of tripe ;)

Carter is a full-bird colonel? How on earth did that happen? I've watched the last few seasons and really, she hasn't done anything the others haven't done so why not promote Mitchell instead? Me thinks the only reason she's promoted is that if they tried to slot her in on the show as Chief Science Officer, fans would go ballistic (as would McKay). So now she's Sheppard's boss? Hmm...  I seriously doubt the writers will give her Weir's job - which is all admnistrative and bureacratic crap. When you're an engineer/scientist/etc and get promoted to management, you can kiss the lab goodbye. Now it's paperwork left and right. The writers should keep her in the office/control area, out of any labs (there are lots of scientists on Atlantis) and on the base, just like Weir, as after all, she's taking Weir's job. But the writers are awfully fond of Carter, so I doubt that will happen.... 

I am going to watch season 4, but can't help think this might be the end of the show. The PTPB aren't endearing themselves to the established SGA fans who have watched the show for three years, especially not with killing off Beckett and now 'displacing' Weir. And now they are, to a degree, catering to SG1 fans by putting an SG1 character on the show (while we lose an SGA one). Sigh.

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