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Old TV Guides - trip down memory lane - and SUPERNATURNAL

Decided to start decluttering, which meant going 'what's in those boxes?' Ah, old TV Guides from the late 90s. Alas, that's about when they started changing over, cutting out guest credits, etc, so just pulled out any pretty pictures or worthwhile articles and condensed a whole xerox box of guides to about one inch of clippings.

Some notes, back in '98/'99....

* THE CLOSER was a sitcom starring Tom Selleck, not a cop drama on TNT.
* LA FEMME NIKITA was a hot show
* Yes, they made the show LOVE BOAT, THE NEXT WAVE. Ah, yes, we all make mistakes..
* George Clooney was still in ER! Then later, they had a shot of him with blonde hair. Aiee, a mistake he has fortunately NOT repeated! ;)
* The TV Guides were full of Princess Di memorial dolls and whatnot.
* Ah, the joys of classic made-for-tv Fox movies like TERROR IN THE MALL (ack, cough cough)
* Why doesn't SciFi pluck this show - MERCY POINT - a medical drama in outer space - to fill its slots. I mean, geez, it's gotta be better than some of those drecky scifi flicks they show Saturday night.
* The Hansons! Remember them? Pop trio of three brothers (think it was three). Ah yes, well, burn bright and then poof.
* The beginning of bad TV starts with Fox's "When Good Pets Go Bad," showing a snarling dog.
* Lots of X-FILES ads. Ah, that's when scifi was good. 
* NOW AND AGAIN - heck, Skiffy needs to repeat that gem, or get it out on DVD if nothing else.
* Heh, found a BAYWATCH HAWAII ad with Jason Momoa. Ha!
* And for SUPERNATURAL fans, found an article on Jensen Ackles ... "The doe-eyed 20-year-old' who joined Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady... Oh my, styled hair, cashmere sweater. Why do guys get better looking as they get older? Much prefer Dean on SPN. Hmm, I should scan the article and load it.

One thing I noticed that we had a lot less channels, and a lot more movies and choices. Yeah, less choices, but better ones. Reality shows didn't really exist. Now, we've got lord knows how many channels just full of well, crap. Inane, insulting reality shows... infomercials. I mean, in the old days (really, less than a decade ago), channels that now show junky infomericals, etc. after midnight used to show syndicated action shows (all sorta, with an emphasis on buddy-friendships, etc.).

Well, THE 4400 just started up and Kavan Smith is in it, so that's it for today :)
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