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Stargate Atlantis season 4 article links, set visits + photos

About 24 more hours and the Stargate shows will basically be gone. SG-1 for good, 'cept for flicks, and SGA until the Fall (hopefully Skiffy will repeat season 3 during the summer, and preferably, at night!) Meanwhile....
Articles on Stargate Atlantis season 4. They all contain spoilers, casting spoilers if nothing else, so proceed at own risk.
Flanigan: Atlantis Absorbs Changes

Atlantis Embraces Luttrell's Pregnancy
Firefly's Staite Joins Atlantis  
Atlantis' Dr. Beckett May Return?           

Because they're there... live journals of fans who have been fortunate enough to have recently visited the SGA set. Yes, live vicariously through their entries ;) And be leery of spoilers.
(starts June 7th entry)
(starts June 9th entry)
 (scroll down, photos at top)

GW has also put up a batch of photos from 'First Strike' at http://www.gateworld.net/atlantis/s3/images/320_01.jpg.shtml

Lastly, some pretty pictures from SciFi. The shots will be gone by the weekend... Check under the cut.

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