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Spoilers for SGA season 4 - promo stuff seen on SG1 ad

Okay, I'm watching SG-1 "Unending" (I think the best line has been so far Vala's line to Daniel of "I"m going to go crazy and I'm taking you with me".

Anyway, at the half hour mark, they had an ad about Carter going over to Stargate Atlantis. Well, I'll wait and see but not too thrilled about that BUT...

Okay, rest is spoilers. Proceed at own risk. UPDATED

Some very shot clips which I'll have to go back and look at, maybe take a picture, oh wait, darn, I was taping on the crappy vcr as why make a good copy cuz in a month I'll be buying the DVD set. Smacks self.

1) (Just the new stuff) Shot of Carter in new green uniform, hair pulled back
2) Another shot of Carter (left) and Sheppard (right), he's looking down toward the floor (someone?) and she turns and looks down too
3) The Daedalus (or one of those ships, they all look alike to me)
4) Rear shot of Sheppard looking out of Daedalus (?) at another ship
5) McKay seated at console and Carter (?) and another guy looking on seriously
6) Anyway, one good shot is of Sheppard looking REALLY nasty. I mean, this is the expression you see on someone's face when they drive up and see gas has hit $4 a gallon, or you've stolen their parking space, or worse! Must be from "Doppelganger." He's in the gateroom stalking toward someone off-screen poor soul who will probably get the crap beaten out of him/her.
7) Close up of Carter talking saying "Colonel, I'm relieving you of duty." (ooh, maybe this is "Doppelganger" too, as the camera angle is straight on and close-up, usually used during scenes where the person being talked to is not mentally well....)
8) Okay, Teyla is channeling "Alien." I mean, is the baby Teyla's pregnant with is a face-hugger? We saw a lot of action moving around on her tummy and she's screaming and the next thing you know, animal gizzards will be splattered left and right. One explanation - this is how they deal with the pregnancy.... or, it was a nightmare - darn Shep for showing her horror movies... ;)
9) McKay, in what looks like the inside of a jumper, shouting "I need more time!" Ah, Rodney, you know you never get more time ;)
10) Carter, and it looks like something burning or exploding behind her

That's what I remember so far. I'll tape a much better copy of SGA in half an hour, catch any ads, and hey, SG1 repeats at 11 pm so maybe then I can do the cheap screencap stuff :)

UPDATE: Even more - screencaps, etc. at second ad post - http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/69767.html
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