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Second Spoiler-ridden Stargate Atlantis season 4 ad! Synopsis and screencaps

MASSIVE SPOILERS under the cut!

Okay folks, here’s the recap of the second ad for season 4 of Stargate Atlantis.


Stargate fans, this September, Stargate Atlantis returns for a brand new season with an all new attitude. And, an all-new commander (18) Stargate SG-1’s Amanda Tapping signs on as they charge their way into all new adventures. Stargate Atlantis, a SciFi original series, returning this September.


1)       Clip of when Sheppard first came through gate into Atlantis, backpack

2)       Weir, McKay and Teyla in control room; everyone looking up

3)       Ronon and Sheppard, looking up to right

4)       Shield over Atlantis as beam hits it (“First Strike”)

5)       McKay, electrode attached to head, looking past camera, startled

6)       Sheppard, gun out, Ronon behind him. Sheppard is yelling “Elizabeth!”

7)       Teyla (hair looks permed!) looks to left

8)       On planet with lots of green foliage, McKay dodges to side as Sheppard flies past him. Yup, that speeding object looks like Sheppard just got knocked back hard. Ronon and Teyla are there too

9)       Lorne, looking out of it, aiming gun at someone

10)   Beam heading toward Atlantis (“First Strike”)

11)   Sheppard, P90 in each hand, going around jumper(?), Ronon following

12)   Asuran city from space

13)   Elizabeth saying “They’re coming, and there are hundreds of them”

14)   People running through Atlantis

15)   Rodney, ever the optimist, says “which means they’re as good as dead.”

16)   “First Strike” clip of people being flung back in explosion

17)   Keller, and Carter (at right) walks past her

18)   Control room. Carter standing near console

19)   Closeup of Carter smiling, down to left

20)   In gateroom, Sheppard is knocked to floor with someone’s hands nearly around his neck. Can’t tell as it’s dark but he makes a good thud on impact. Ouch. Whumpers will be happy J

21)   Ronon running through corridor

22)   Dr. Lee and Carter off-world. She says “We’ve stepped through the gate and are ready for transport”

23)   Lorne (hey, maybe this is the barefoot scene) holds gun at Sheppard, Carter, and a whole bunch of others in hallway

24)   Closeup of Carter from that scene

25)   Closeup of Keller looking freaked (nightmare?)

26)   Closeup of Sheppard saying “can you believe this?” and he sounds a little whacko

27)   Closeup of Ronon looking mean, about to fire gun

28)   On planet, Telyla fighting assailants, segue to Keller stepping back

29)   “First Strike”(?) red beam headed Atlantis

30)   “First Strike,” Elizabeth putting up arms before explosion

31)   Oberoth snarling "You will not leave this city alive!" (thanks to Speckleberry)
32)   Season two slogging through water shot of team


Crappy screencaps below!




VISIT http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/69228.html  for spoiler details on the first ad shown during STARGATE SG-1.


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