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SGA - 'First Strike' mini review

Okay, I quite enjoyed this episode... 

One tidbit, not spoilerish. Sheppard tells McKay he once (really, just once) flew a V-22 Osprey. That's a bit chopper, a VTOL (vertical take off and landing) chopper - http://www.navair.navy.mil/v22/ - I keep wondering, hmm, why just once? If you learn to fly one of those.... whoa....

Rest of spoilerish stuff below the cut-----

Overall, great episode. I must admit the otherworldly SPX on SGA blows SG1 out of the water (okay, bad pun). It's one of the allures of the show and gives it a true sci-fi feel.

I loved the drama of this episode, though not necessarily the end where Elizabeth has sustained a head injury (what? no massive bleeding from cuts from flying glass??? I digress). I'm not fond of Weir being booted and Carter coming in, but can't do anything about and just hope the writers actually evolve Carter correctly.

Sheppard's "Fantastic Four" talk with Ronon and Teyla. Her withering look of "I'm not invisible." Poor Shep can't win ;)

I was watching with a friend who watched both SG1 and SGA together and said "wow, The Final Solution and Iraq in two hours." Definite WWII parallels in SG1 with the eradication of an entire race, but SGA was so much like Iraq - weapons of mass destruction (building ships), we'll bomb them and that will take care of the problem, etc. I hadn't even really noticed the first time I watched, but yeah, the parallels are there, but I'll end here cuz I don't want to turn this into political stuff.

But when Ellis charged in with his plan, I was with Rodney - uh, like hello? it's like throwing rocks at a hornet's nest. Yup, they sure got stung but bad. Did snort when he beamed up Rodney, chair and all if I recall correctly!

Overall, good episode and I'm looking forward to part two, except for when we lose Weir to plot devices. Sigh...
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