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Wasted weekend (well, sorta)

Well, it was a pretty crappy week, with the exception of the arrival of some DVDS I got.

In fact, it was so sucky I actually was too blech to change the channel, and therefore, watched Paris Hilton on Larry King Live, but, before you disown me, let me continue. I can't say I think she's any smarter, despite her protests to the contrary. But, the best thing about her appearance is (yes, there is a silver lining to the overexposed blonde cloud) is that news reporters and even PEOPLE magazine are rebelling against the overexposure. Apparently an MSNBC reporter refused to lead with the story and even went so far as to tear up the copy. I saw the video on CNN and apparently the clip is on YouTube enjoying lots of hits. Thank god she's apparently fled to Maui to recover from her ordeal and hopefully the press will forget about her.

Back to the DVDs. Finally grabbed Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars so I can see it all. When it aired, I taped it, but only watched the five minutes. I told myself if Crichton doesn't survive, I'm not watching. Phew, he did. Also started gathering up X-Files DVDs. I'll get the whole show eventually. Finished up Emergency! (season 2 and 3). Ah, the good old days of Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto :) Got CSI: Miami season 2 (will eventually get them all) but wanted that one for Joe Flanigan's "Slow Burn" episode. I could never grab a decent copy of David Hewlett's Boa vs. Python, so that's added to the collection. Sped through that to his parts. My, nudity in some parts (no, not David). Grabbed the miniseries Taken at a very good price. But my happiness comes from watching the old B&W BEM (bug-eyed monster) movies from the 50s ... Beast from 20,000 Fathoms/Them! (giant dinosaur, giant ants). Man, I dread the day they decide to remake those. Also got the classic The Brain from Planet Arous about an evil alien brain that floats around and kills people. Robert Fuller from Emergency! was in that, all too briefly before the brain killed him. Will add Gorgo and Giant Behemoth to my list, and I wonder if Fiend Without a Face (about killer hoppy brains created by radiation that suck your brains out of your head) is out on DVD yet.... it was good. Well, I haven't seen it in a quarter of a century but remember the brains were sooo darned cute (well, for being killer brains). Anyway, made this nice big purchase via www.deepdiscountdvd.com with a 20% off coupon and the prices were below anything in the stores here, or on Amazon.

Rain is forecast for July 4-6, and had better tackle part of the lawn tomorrow before the lawn mower can't get through it. Seems like I just mowed it but it's high again and soon the squirrels will be able to hide again.

Plan to see Transformers on July 4th. Not much else to do and it will probably rain. Oh, and hey, Dr. Who starts up on SciFi on July 6th.

Took the book Way Off the Road: Discovering the Peculiar Charms of Small-Town America by Bill Geist, out of the library. It's an odd but fun book about this reporter's travels across America.  The chapter on illegal porch furniture showed the insanity of, well, people, and now I know most of our bombs are made in McAlester, OK. I haven't gotten to the chapters yet on butter cow sculpture or demotion bus wrecking yet...


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