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July 1st activities: owls and bunnies

Well, did a bunch of grocery shopping first thing in the a.m. as many people are still sleeping off their Saturday night hangovers, so they're not on the roads - yet. If you don't get out before ten a.m., the roads clog up with SUVs. Blech.

Anyway, in my shopping today, hit Borders cuz I had a 20% off coupon. I could easily go broke buying books, but nothing screamed "buy me." So, anyway, browsed past the big Harry Potter section and saw this little white Beanie owl sitting there. Very cute. I've been good at not buying beanies for a while (have two bins under my bed filled with beanies. So, looked at coupon, looked at owl, next thing I know, I'm at the register making a totally useless purchase. The lady at the counter said "oh, these are popular." I said, "Well, that's the last one. You can restock the shelf now," and apparently they can't. They're so popular stores are trying to get them. They were a limited edition made for Borders. Oh wow, I bought a collectible without even knowing it.

Then went home and realized, it's gonna pour Wed-Fri and the front lawn is getting, er, shaggy. So since it's relatively cool (under 80) I start mowing the lawn, starting at far edges and working my way in. I'm probably 75% done when I run over a section with some dead grass. I  kick over the dead grass, figuring to scatter it and it does, and something pops out of the ground. A baby bunny. It panics and starts running off and all I can think of is a story a coworker (at my last job) told me about crows picking off a nest of baby bunnies one by one. Ack! So I catch the little guy (I'm wearing gloves) and put him back under the dead grass, at which point I realize this hole in the ground must have 3-4 baby bunnies packed inside, and I ran RIGHT OVER it with the rotary lawnmower. Man, little guys must have been freaked (and maybe half deaf now!). So, things look okay so I take the lawnmower back over to the other side and start it up again. I see the ground erupt and the little rabbit making to escape again. I catch him, hold in my hands for a minute, then put him at the 'entrance' to the next and he crawls back. So, the lawn ain't getting cut until they move house. Nice big rectangular patch with already long grass which will get LONGER. They had little white dots on their forehead. I called the nature center, who told me my handling them with gloves should be okay and that the white dot signifies they're about reading to leave the nest (something I never knew). Within a week or so it should vanish and then they'll go off on their own. Man, they were soooo cute. I kept checking out the window later on and then spied mom rabbit checking on nest, so things seem okay.

Geez, I never would have thought a rabbit would make a nest in the middle of the lawn, especially since we've got this huge red tailed hawk that checks out the neighborhood for munchies.
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