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Bad movies are an addiction

I got the absolute utter B&W scifi classic, Brain from Planet Arous, from DeepDiscountDVD.com - great place, by the way.

So, watched an X-Files (still one of the best scifi shows) then we popped in this classic. Oh man, for the days of no cellphones, FedEx, or logic. The leading lady (Sally) freaks out in the cave when a bug or something goes by, but seems to have no problem when she and dad stumble over the week-old body of her friend. You'd think the smell would have alerted them to the corpse. Anyway, at that point the good brain (looks just like the bad brain - see LJ icon above) approaches them with a plan, and they just wilingly go along. I mean, if a floating alien brain came to you, would you take its word just like that? So anyway, the good brain shows up at their house the next day and needs to possess a body (at least it asks, unlike the BAD brain, which has taken over our hero who gets to ham it up horribly as he blows up plastic model airplanes, I mean, real airplanes, cough cough, in the sky). Anyway, Sally and dad mull over who should house the good brain. Sally looks at the dog and suggests him (his name is George). I snicker and go "yeah, George won't sue you for this either cuz he can't talk!" Oh yeah, bad brain is Gore, an egomaniacal floating brain with delusions of taking over the planet (the usual), and the good brain is Baal (or Ball, since it has no arms it can't write its name).

Anyway, it's a horribly bad flick with genuine amusement factors for how bad it is, but sad to say, it's much more amusing than 90% of the movies SciFi shows.

However, next on my must-get list will be Giant Behemoth (LOVED that movie), Gorgo (both UK flicks of giant dinos mashing up the countryside). Both are priced well. However, another classic, Fiend Without a Face, about invisible hoppy brains killing Canadian scientists (do I see an SGA plot in that??) is over $30! Yikes! I mean, even the original Blob is pricey. Hate that they price these gems so high.
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