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David Nykl ... James Herbert ... yard critters

First, David Nykl has resurfaced on his blog - http://lettersfrompegasus.blogspot.com/


I just returned from a crazy fun weekend out in Chotebor where the Festival Fantasie is now winding down after 10 days of SciFi mayhem. How do you guys do it? Unbelievable. I was so impressed by the dedication and, shall we say, ardour of the fans here in the Czech Republic. Wow. I was treated to a complete compendium of every ounce of czech the good doctor has ever spoken in every episode, complete with deafening applause from the audience. Then there were the presentations. Hour upon hour of Stargate minutiae, diligenty rendered, photoshopped, powerpointed and commented. I only visited for two days, but boy were they intense. I'll publish more pictures as they become available. But in the meantime - velmy Vam vsem dekuju za prizen. Bylo to ohromne.
Back home lickety split and off to Pegasus, where a Quarantine awaits. Oh dear.

A 10 day con? Whoa! Sure sounds like fun! Check out site for neat pictures.


Finished a book I started a month ago but kept getting interrupted - True Blue by British horror novelist James Herbert. I've got virtually all his books and it's tough to find good horror books these days, and I do think the British do a better job.  I know I read one of his books which failed to impress me, but this one has picked up back to what I liked. I used to read Dean Koontz novels but the last one dragged so badly, now I just wait for the ilbrary to get them and check 'em out.


Bunnies 'hatched' and are now gone off with mom, who I see around the yard occasionally. Meanwhile, I looked at hte front yard and saw a chipmunk dive into the grass and vanish. I carefully go out there and oh, there's a HOLE in the lawn. Ah, there's a hole like that in the backyard too. Now, most suburbanites would be up in arms at rodent s living in their lawns, but I think it's cool. As long as they don't get into the house. Well, if that happens, there's a cat which likes to kill chipmunks living inside the house.... (insert Jaws music)

Also watched a male cardinal feeding a female one today. Never saw that before so wonder if there are little ones off somewhere. Atlhough the weather was predicted to be hideous today, i sat outside (in the shade) and did fine and finished off my Herbert book.


Meanwhile, tripped over this SGA gen fic called "Little Man Sheppard, a 'kid fic.' Now, i normally don't read those as most don't do much at all for me, but then I saw that Stealth Dragon (aka kriadydragonwrote it, and this time it was Sheppard who got knocked back to a kid - with whumpish results - so I checked it out. Cool story. Visit it at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3642119/1/


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