wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

SGA Sneak Peek on EUREKA tonight... probably not

Anybody who gets SciFi's (aka Skiffy) text messages probably knows by now that they're doing a sneak peek on Battlestar Galactica tonight, no doubt removing the possiblity of a sneak peek of SGA on the premiere of EUREKA. :(

Ah sigh. But I'll still tape, just on the off-off chance...

ADDENDUM: Nope, not tonight. Saw an ad on Skiffy during Tru Calling (reminder : Joe Flanigan is on next week's 7pm episode, "Brother's Keeper") for a Battlestar Galactica 'event.' Yes, event. So, SGA isn't an event? Sniffle.
Tags: eureka, stargate atlantis
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