wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Danger! Will Robinson! Danger! Oh, and more jellies...

Well, I'm working my way through semi-disasters now. Been through a few very minor earthquakes in various parts of the country and today, after a series of nasty weather patterns basically all week, we sat at work watching the sky turn BLACK again, second day in a row, then one of the guys comes over and say he got a call from a relative about a tornado WARNING for our area. We're like, huh? So I go to the trusty internet, which is now not working. Ah hah! I go to the TV, installed for other purposes, and find the weather channel. Golly gee whiz, there's a red scroll on the botton about TORNADO WARNING! DANGER! at the bottom and as everybody's talking somewhere down the hall, I'm still watching the TV (what can I say - it's news) and they talk about where the torando was (city A), where it was going (City C) and hey, guess what, we're in City B, in between! I go 'oh oh' and everybody looks at me and I'm going, it's over there, headed there, and we're in its way.

Luckily we got just RAIN, wind and RAIN. The tornado, which they still have yet to determine if it was a funnel or not, did a heckuva lot of damage in cities in other  areas. 

Meanwhile, found another neato cool jellyfish picture and gotta re-find where I found it so I can credit the photographer.

Tags: home, jellyfish
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