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SGA ad on during EUREKA.... sorta, with photos - read on!

UPDATED: Okay, no sneak peek of SGA season 4, just BSG, and I can't remember it, but right before EUREKA they had a generic SciFi channel ad, with yes, a few scenes (nothing spoilerish) from season 4!

It began with "Reignite Adventure," white text against a blue background, which then went to a shot of a puddlejumper zipping around a planet, then Carter looking up

to some hairy bigfootish type character (or someone badly dressed) jumping in the woods (probably to land on one of our hapless heroes, we can only hope). Or maybe it's Ronon on a bad hair day....

To Sheppard and Ronon coming around a corner, both pulling out weapons.

Ah, two more! Of Sheppard (from same scene)

I mean, really, nothing spoilerish as hey, headshot of Carter, indistinguishable someone, and well, Sheppard and Ronon aiming guns. Nothing new there ;) Whole thing lasted just a few seconds...
Tags: photos, season 4, stargate atlantis
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