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Transcript/screencaps: Stargate Atlantis season 4 sneak peek

Fans expecting a HUGE sneak peek ad should take a slug of whiskey before opening up the spoiler tag below. ( I say this because it seems many fans were expecting a montage of scenes, fast action clips, etc.)

First , SciFi voiceover: "And now, an exclusive sneak peek at the new season of Stargate Atlantis" and a few clips from the previous SciFi ad - of Carter and Sheppard, Keller, Rodney... then segue to NEW scene.

Open with a scene of Sheppard, Ronon (behind Sheppard),  Rodney and Weir (in front passenger seat) in a jumper

Sheppard (at helm): "Rodney, ready?
Rodney (in back): "Did I mention that this might not work? And that we could either drop out of hyperspace prematurely and end up stranded in the middle of deep space, or quite possibly be vaporized the moment I touch that-"
Ronon (in back seat, snarls): "Just answer the damn question!"
Rodney (quiet): "Yeah, I'm ready."

Voiceover (using second season team-slogging-through-water sequence): "Stargate Atlantis returns Friday, September 28th at nine, part of the all new SciFi Friday, brought to you by Subway. Eat fresh."

Pros: We got to see a scene from season 4, albeit a very brief one.
Cons: We saw a very brief snippet, and I dare say fans were hoping (nay, I say expecting) a nice 30-second (or maybe even 20 seconds) of various clips from various episodes. Total time (including front and end promoting Subway and maybe fans should write Subway to say "thanks' for supporting the show): 30 seconds.

but, here are some caps!

From a previous commercial:


Okay, when I see this picture, all I can picture is Sheppard and Ronon wrinkling up their noses and going "who farted?" ;)

NOTE: Fans have theorized this scene is from the episode "Lifeline."

UPDATE: A fan has loaded up the ad at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1BoKTbQ43c

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