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SciFi channel may have more Stargate Atlantis ads up their sleeves?

Perhaps SciFi channel should consider hiring someone to actually do PR for their shows. Joe Mallozzi said his blog entry today (July 17th) of last night's 'exclusive sneak peek' ... From what I understand, that was the first of several 30 second clips they’ll be running from now until the season premiere.

Soooo..... does Skiffy expect fans to watch their entire schedule?? (I don't know of anybody who could stomach that, from ECW to incredibly bad movies). Or will they give us a hint? As it is, I tape/watch EUREKA, definitely tape DOCTOR WHO, but the rest?? Um... I've basically reached my quota of bad CGI alien bug flicks. Heck, I'll even pass on David Hewlett's BOA VS PYTHON as I got a nice cheap copy on DVD now.

In flicking around various boards and whatnot, while folks seem appreciative of the ad, they weren't keen on the one scene thing. Everybody basically wanted a nice montage of action clips. Now, if Skiffy had said last night... "Now, the first of exclusive sneak peeks..." that would have whetted everyone's appetite. I sorta get the feeing that SciFi is a bit disconnected from the very audience they seek to hold on to....
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