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Stargate Atlantis novel: Casualties of War

Oooh, some good news on the Stargate Atlantis front. An excerpt from the upcoming SGA novel, Casualties of War, by Elizabeth Christensen , can be found at

Here's an excerpt off the page:

Coming September 2007 

After the events of the third-season episodes “Progeny” and “The Real World,” the Atlantis expedition has been forced to accept the fact that the Asuran replicators are gunning for the city. A planet that was once the site of a major battle between the Ancients and the Wraith may hold the key to a weapon capable of defeating this new enemy—but the required energy source is at the heart of a bitter dispute between two societies on the planet. When tensions erupt into hostilities, Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Weir have to decide how far they’re willing to go, both for the planet’s people and for their own…and the mounting losses are pushing John Sheppard ever closer to his limits.

Visit here - http://www.elizabethchristensen.com/cow.htm - for that, plus a link to a nice big fat excerpt which looks very good....
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