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David Hewlett hates Joe Flanigan (*gasp*)

See, this is how rumors get started, so read on :)

David Hewlett said on his Twitter last night.... "Flanigan has an iPhone...I hate him...the first film he's watching on it...A Dog's Breakfast! I hate him marginally less now ;-)"

Ah, boys and their toys. Although seriously, I would have thought Hewlett the self-avowed geek would have had one instantly, but then again I'm sure Jane probably said "we're going to Hawaii and not standing in line for a dumb cellphone."

And the poor guy hasn't seen Harry Potter yet? Aw.......... Even I managed to get out to see that (and it was a very fun film and I can see Daniel Radcliffe becoming the next Christian Bale in acting talent). In fact, I went to a matinee going, okay, I'll brave the kids, but to my surprise, it was a little over a dozen people, all adults! I don't think families realized there was a 10 a.m. Sunday matinee, or else they were at the beach or the parents went "ten o'clock in the morning, are you nuts?!" to the kids ;)

Wish I had ordered my Potter novel from deepdiscount now (smacks self for not thinking of that) as apparently some orders went out early. I ordered through Barnes and Noble and hope to have it Saturday, otherwise I'll be spending days avoiding the news as by noon on the 21st, someone will toss out a spoilerish review on the regular news, I'm sure...
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